Green Roofing

Green roofing is an integral part of the green infrastructure movement we’re seeing across the country, and J&B is at the front of that movement. J&B has ample experience in green roofing, including the completion of projects such as Duke University, Washington Station, and the Oncenter.

Green roofing offers a variety of benefits to building owners and the public alike. Green roofs reduce heating/cooling costs of the building, which in turn conserve energy and absorb water that would instead be burdening city sewage systems. Green roofs can also help the quality of air in congested urban areas and cut down on noise pollution.

J&B has a comprehensive understanding of green roofing systems and building technologies that will best match your project’s needs. We work with skilled subcontractors including Xeroflor and Proscapes to cover you with top-of-the-line green roofing solutions.
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